Vodafone Secure Net protects what matters most to you and your family in the mobile world

Safe and Secure

Protection from viruses and harmful websites while using the Vodafone network.


Part of the Vodafone network, Secure Net protects you even if you don’t install the app on your device!


Won't impact battery life or slow down your device, allowing you to be safer for longer.


All features can be controlled by one single person, from one single place, for all connected Vodafone devices. Enabling parents to change their child's settings without taking their devices.

Manage Secure Net easily for you and your family from your own profile via the web or the app.

Vodafone Secure Net protection

Protect yourself and your family from harmful websites and viruses that can steal your personal data or lock your phone until a ransom is paid

Virus protection

Protect your device from infections by files that may steal your personal data, send premium SMS or other harmful actions. Secure Net will block these harmful files and alert you via SMS.

Web protection

Be protected from websites that may steal your personal data or have harmful content. If you try to access any of these harmful websites, Secure Net will redirect you to a warning page to inform you.

Once Vodafone Secure Net is activated, you'll see an icon on the left corner of your browser. This means you're protected! Any time you want to access your settings page, simply click on this icon to make any changes or view your settings. If you don't want to see this icon on your browser, you can select to hide it in your settings page.

Child safe browsing

Parents can block inappropriate or harmful websites for their child.
These categories are pre-set for different age groups. There are 12 different categories to choose from, such as adult, violence and racism.

You can make changes at any time and don't need access to your child's device.

The changes only apply to the Vodafone connection (WiFi, https and VPNs are not covered)

Quiet Time

Parents can restrict data to a mobile device, either manually or at scheduled periods, allowing them to spend quality time together, encourage their children to focus on their homework or going to bed without being distracted by apps, social media or notifications via the mobile internet

All Vodafone customers can activate the service.

Premium Vodafone RED customers receive the service for FREE (please see your market's pricing).

Other customers may be eligible for a free trial and then pay a monthly service fee (no contract needed, any time cancellation).

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